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Monday, December 24, 2012

Organic Search Blog at SEO-Metro

SEO-Metro is proud to announce their new blog located on the domain The new blog discusses organic search methods and the does and don'ts of link building. Quality content is discussed along with other techniques to build quality content to attract traffic and potential conversions to assist those in the depressed economy.

This blog will continue to build with more of a focus on search engines and their ever changing and improving search results for quality sites. Information will be provided about linking and what the particular search engines view as relevant and what links may be discounted altogether saving webmasters time in not pursuing links that are a waste of time and won't be counted at all or little points scored. has seen some architectural changes that has affected about 90% of the site but should allow for easier content growth along with scoring some points from the search engines for upgrades. Visit our Texas SEO site as we grow it out greatly in the coming year.

In the meantime, Happy Holiday from SEO Metro!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Focusing on Site Structure

Metro's Texas SEO has been restructuring its site in order to better organize for content management plus to help search engines to understand our content and purpose. Many sites that are small just use the root directory for their few pages, however, once sites start to gain many pages it is often advantageous to develop folders with relevant pages to include.

Similar pages can be put into a folder with the general topical name so owners, other authors and search engines may easily understand the structure of the site and relevant folders that sometimes may hold dozens of pages. Web sites with thousands of pages may have hundreds of folders that are named with date structures or themed strategies.

Site structure can be a strategy put to pencil and paper in order to properly categorize the site. The next step would be to start an .htaccess file if one has not been created already. Then to start using 301 redirects to convey to search engines that the page has been moved to another named folder. This should avoid 404 error messages that the page no loner exists.

Metro's Texas SEO has undergone a thorough site structure change that will be allow to categorically add content to relevant folders providing a more adaptable way to add content and keep it manageable, leading to bit better productivity wondering what in the world to do with fresh content; simply drop pages into the root directory or better yet categorizing it.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Texas SEO- Focusing On-Page Optimization

SEO-Metro's Texas Search Engine Optimization is shifting its strategy to give better quality service to customers by focusing on On-Page search engine optimization. This will allow focused, quality to individual pages while SEO-Metro will contract with a third party based here in the United States to provide off-page search engine optimization and marketing.

SEO-Metro will develop an intense on-page optimization utilizing several strategies that will boost rankings with competitors, providing high-quality content along with quantitative content that will out perform any competition. Keywords will be strategically developed with content that will complement the subject and overall website.

SEO-Metro's third party will also complement the website and keywords by utilizing different online strategies to market and advertise our customers leading to increased traffic and conversions bringing our customers a profit that will easily out-weigh the cost of SEO services.

Interested customers should contact SEO-Metro's Texas SEO while openings remain.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Texas SEO

Texas SEO's is pleased to be back online and quite a down time due to technical difficulty. SEO Metro is back offering high-quality, solid search engine optimization for small business wanting to rise to the top of the search engines.

Top quality SEO is offered for customers primarily in the Texas market, however, we are able to assist in SEO, internet marketing and other online ventures worldwide if needed. SEO Metro offers online consulting to owners per incident basis or for long-term. SEO strategies can be set for short-term results or for the long haul endurance for those seeking life-long results.

Please visit SEO-Metro or call our Dallas SEO office @ 214-723-4335.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yahoo and Microsoft at the Tables Again?

Rumors abound as Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz and Microsoft CEO Ballmer are reported to meet last week and talk about the two companies future together. Spokes people for both companies declined to comment on such meeting or what the discussions were. Rumors suggest that the two companies may join in marketing on each other's sites and displaying ads with relevant search results expounding on each search engine's unique capabilities.

Microsoft offered Yahoo an unsolicited bid last year of over $46 billion and was rebuffed by Yahoo but Yahoo's shared suffered considerably after the refusal.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Google's April Fool's Day 2009

One of Google's employees announced that "Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity" was a new gadget or tool, etc.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good Novice SEO Tips- Varying Synonymous Keywords

OK, once you get a large list of similar keywords (yes, look online and get a list of similar keywords to the exact keywords you are targeting) that one is targeting at the hopeful number of one major target keyword per page, we would like to use those similar words in constructing the page and keeping the actual keyword to a minimally accepted ratio/percentage to text in the page.

Authors can adjust the percentage of the actual text to target key phrase and overall text. Starting with a conservative percent of key phrase to text and possibly increasing the percent after several weeks may prove indicative of an increase or decrease in search results.

Varying some of these phrases will also help the human reader advance through the story without the redundant wording to drive up key phrase penetration to text ratio. Afterall, the actual reader is where any return of investment will occur.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dallas SEO- Tips to Internal Linking

Internal linking can be a tool for increasing the weight of the total website bringing higher ranks in the results pages. SEO Metro's, Dallas SEO firm, likes to accentuate internal linking to increase weight and also to allow readers the ability to find the topics and interests that lie within sites that may otherwise not be found. Proper results of internal linking will connect the pages together in a logical manner that may gain link baiting, educating readers, strengthening site rank and otherwise entertaining readers that will keep them on the site and possibly provide sales or other desirable outcomes.

Properly structuring internal linking can allow users their own pace or options whether to access the links to further educate themselves or to skip the links if they know the subject or are otherwise not interested. The search engines will follow the links which can be seen as authoritative information if providing unique, concentrated, relevant material.

Internal linking structure can be allowed to bring more authority to sites regardless if visitors or users click on them. Search engines will follow and index the online material, if unique, brings not well-known information about the topic, and utilizes an approach not explored by other similar websites. Search engines can and will devour relevant text if the material is presented properly.

Proper advance research into the topic material can prove well worth the time. The proof of good internal linking will be in the pudding within a few short days of effort.

Monday, May 12, 2008

SEO and Keeping to the Topic

Our Dallas SEO firm, SEO Metro, finds that keeping our clients topics to single pages and focusing on subtopics underneath the heading does well with search engines; SEO topical design. Researching the subject does well with finding those subtopics and finding the buzz words that may help bring those users around that may benefit from the website.

An example would be: Dallas SEO with subtopics-
  1. link building
  2. content writing
  3. keywords
  4. search engines
  5. search engine marketing, etc.
A paragraph about each of the above could be made into a single page or incorporated into a lead/index page on a site where the subtopics become active links that lead into pages specific to each subtopic that increases the weight of the entire site in importance to the search engines.

The subtopics as individual pages may then be expanded to sub-subtopics that may explore in-depth knowledge and wisdom that makes rich pages that search engines love to index. Quality within those subtopics could bring extra traffic with well designed long-tailed keywords placed along with more popular keywords.

Planning the topical outline to sites will give great benefit in search engine indexing and will hopefully bring more desired targeted traffic.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Click Fraud Agency Reports Abuse is Down

Click fraud is down, strengthening the major 3 search engines' fight against click abuse. reports that click fraud is down from 16.6% in the 4th quarter of 2007 to 16.3% in Q1 of 2008, strengthening PPC campaigns.